People Centricity

Learning & Development           
At Jumbo we believe in continuous learning as a way of life, our employees are given opportunities to explore their talents, hone their skills and achieve their potential through on-job, technical and soft skills training including visit to the Principal companies, business exhibitions etc. to enhance their awareness and confidence. We groom and nurture our employees to take up fresh challenges and career progression. Leadership development is an important facet of our L&D initiative. Employee Library is also available for our employees to gain more insights on a wide variety of topics.

Performance Management

We follow the Balanced Score Card methodology of Performance Management. Performance is reviewed periodically and feedback is given to the employee with necessary support to improve their performance.

Rewards & Recognition

At Jumbo we believe in rewards and recognition as a tool for employee motivation and engagement. Achievements are rewarded and recognized appropriately on regular basis.

Work Environment

The work culture in Jumbo is that of openness, empowerment and collaboration. We believe that congenial and supportive work environment is the basis of employee engagement and productivity. The emphasis is on developing an entrepreneurial culture with creativity and innovation at its core. Jumbo Ideas is our platform for Ideas and Innovation where employees are free to post their ideas and get rewarded post implementation of the idea. Regular communication meetings are organized to stay in direct touch with the pulse of the employees.

Compensation & Benefits

Jumbo has a competitive compensation and benefits structure with an attractive incentive scheme to distinguish between levels of performance and incentivize the employees as per their achievement. The incentive scheme is reviewed periodically to keep pace with the changing dynamics of business and employee expectation.

Fun @ Jumbo

A happy employee is a productive employee, we therefore lay emphasis on sports, get-togethers and other fun activities organized centrally or at department levels to improve cohesion and bonding.