Welcome to Mukafa, a rewards program from Jumbo Electronics designed for our loyal customers. The word ‘Mukafa’ means ‘Rewards’ in Arabic. The Mukafa rewards program offers you a variety of privileges when you shop at any touch point of Jumbo Electronics, viz: retail stores, official website WWW.JUMBOSOUQ.COM or through mobile app in Qatar. Apart from getting great prices and impeccable customer service, you can now earn & redeem points for all your purchases at any Jumbo Electronics store.


We have revamped our existing loyalty program erstwhile Jumbo Digits, to Mukafa under which earning and redeeming points are simpler and more rewarding. You can look forward to advance notifications from us when we have special promotions and a host of other benefits that we will roll out in the near future as part of this program.


Benefits of Mukafa

  Life Time Free Membership Priority Delivery for members
  Early Notification and Access to Major Promotions and Premium Product Launches   Special Bonus of 5,000 Mukafa Points* when You Shop on Your Birthday
  15% Discount at Ocean Basket Dine in and Takeaway   15% Discount at Nando’s Dine in and Takeaway


*Birthdays need prior registration.


Earning Mukafa Points

For every 1 Qatar Riyal that you spend at a Jumbo Electronics any touch point you earn 1 Mukafa point.

Redeeming Mukafa Points

Every 1000 Mukafa points is equal to QR 10. You need to have a minimum of 200 Mukafa points to make a redemption.


What is Mukafa?           
Mukafa is Jumbo Electronics rewards programme, it means ‘Rewards’ in Arabic. If you shop often through our touch points in Qatar, this programme adds value to your shopping experience by offering great rewards and benefits. By signing up for the programme, you get:

  • Free membership for life.
  • Points and rewards across all Jumbo showrooms, website & mobile app
  • The chance to earn Mukafa points, sometimes double, even during sales and promotions.
  • Exclusive offers, including special invitations to in-store activities and promotion previews.

Sounds exciting! How do I sign up?        
Just download the Jumbosouq mobile app  available for both iOS & Android . Sign in with your credentials and after OTP validation your unique membership number is generated.

Is there a minimum spend amount or a joining fee to become a Mukafa member?          
No. Membership to Mukafa is free for life. Just sign up through Jumbosouq mobile app and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of the programme.          

The application asked for personal information. What about my privacy?             
Your privacy is important to us. We restrict access to non-public personal information about our members and maintain strict procedural safeguards to protect it.               

Does Mukafa offer a family/ corporate membership option?    
At present, Mukafa is for individual members only. It cannot be used for corporate/ bulk purchases.                   

What is the validity of my Mukafa Points?

The Mukafa points remain valid for a period of 36 months from the date of earning the points.



How do I earn Mukafa Points? 
To start earning Mukafa points, simply quote your Mukafa membership number each time you shop at any Jumbo Electronics store. Points against your online purchases done at also get accumulated in same account. 

On what products can I earn Mukafa points?    
You can earn Mukafa points on all participating brands at Jumbo stores.

How many Mukafa points do I earn for my purchases? 
For every 1 Qatari Riyal that you spend at a Jumbo touch points you earn 1 Mukafa.

Can I earn Mukafa points if I don’t remember my  Mukafa membership  number?           
Just quote the registered mobile number associated with your Mukafa account at our retail stores, your points on recent purchase will get added in account. Online purchases thru Jumbosouq app / website done by mentioning registered mobile number shall be eligible as well.

What’s the difference between regular and Bonus Mukafa points?        
Regular Mukafa’s are Mukafa’s earned on everyday transactions during sale and non-sale periods. Bonus Mukafa points are special points awarded during a promotion being run by Jumbo electronics or for specific period.       

How long does it take for Mukafa points to reflect in my account?         
Mukafa points which you earn on transacting will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

How soon can I use my Mukafa points after purchase? 
Mukafa points are available for redemption after 24 hours of the purchase.  

Can I transfer Mukafa points?  

Mukafa points are non-transferable.   

If I return a purchase, what happens to the Mukafa points I earned on it?             
If you return any item, a credit note will be issued to you and the Mukafa points earned will be reversed from your account. If customer has paid using the points and incase of sale return, then these points also will be reversed into the mobile wallet.       

How do I check my Mukafa points balance?      
You can check your Mukafa points anytime on Jumbosouq mobile app

When do my Mukafa points expire?      
Regular & Bonus Mukafa points will expire after 3 years from the date of purchase.



How do I redeem my Mukafa Points?   
You can redeem your Mukafa points by visiting any Jumbo showroom or thru website and mobile app. Once you reach the cashier to make a payment for your purchase, the cashier would be able to inform you the value of your Mukafa points which are available for redemption in your account. You can either choose to redeem your Mukafa points (in case purchase value is less than available Mukafa points), make part payment for the purchase (redeem Mukafa points plus pay remaining amount through any other tender type).   For transactions at or mobile app , available points are shown at the time of checkout and equivalent value is deducted from amount payable .                   

What do I need to redeem my Mukafa points? 
You need to quote your Mukafa number (available in Jumbosouq mobile app). With that you will be able to seamlessly able to redeem your points through any Jumbo retail store or & mobile app.   

What is the value of my Mukafa points?           
Every 1000 Mukafa points is equal to QR 10. You need to have a minimum of 200 Mukafa points to make a redemption.