Air-Cooled Screw Chiller

LG Air-cooled water chillers are complete, self-contained automatic refrigerating units that include the latest in engineering components arranged to provide a compact and efficient unit. Each unit is completely assembled; factory wired, evacuated, charged, tested and comes complete and ready for installation.

Each unit consists of multiple air-cooled condensers with integral sub-evaporator sections, one or more accessible semi-hermetic twin screw compressors, star-delta starters, high efficiency evaporator, and complete refrigerant piping. Liquid line components included are manual liquid line shutoff valves, charging valves, filter-driers, liquid line solenoid valves, sight glass/moisture indicators, and electronic expansion valves.

  • High-performance compressor manufactured by specialized manufacturer is adopted to ensure that the chiller is economical and durable with low vibration and low noise.
  • Highly integrated motherboard is adopted and hence the function is strong and reliable.
  • Advanced control algorithm is adopted to control chiller in advance and hence avoid frequent stoppage protection of chiller.We have set complete safety protection function in order to make chiller safely and reliably run.
  • The linkage control and remote monitoring function of peripheral equipment ensure that the chiller can run safely


Centrifugal Chiller         
The advanced technologies of LG achieve the lowest energy consumption and preserves the environment.
LG chiller offers high-efficiency chlorine-free water-cooled centrifugal chillers using HFC-134a refrigerant. Over three decades of chiller manufacturing and experience in HVAC industry, it has significantly reduced the power consumption of centrifugal chiller with positive-pressure refrigerant HFC-134a, and introduces most cost effective & reliable solutions to all valuable customers. Hydraulic-head loss rate, helps to minimize energy loss even further.