A magic dwells in each beginning. For Heinz Milewski, the founder of his furniture factory in Zeil am Main that was a very special beginning. In 1965, he ventured into self-employment in Zeil am Main and he made his dream come true – his own design and his own furniture workshop. The name milmoe is a composition for Milewski Möbel, meaning Milewski furniture. But he went one step further – “everything” should be made by milmoe, thus “all” was added to the name and “allmilmö” was created. Today they have grown to be a leading premium brand of high quality kitchen equipment and solutions. In 1996 they joined the prestigious La Cour group, under the proven leadership of Johannes la Cour, who is distinguished for his innovations, the highest quality standards and perfectionism. They continue to live every day by his philosophy that the highest standards are just good enough, Now and in the future!

Uncompromising quality is the brands passion, perfection our aspiration, love for true craftsmanship is their drive. For them every finishing touch, every fiber, every move counts. A kitchen is a valuable investment; it reflects your own personal life. That is why they are at the job with passion, precision and passion. They are only satisfied when you are. Independent testing institutes that certify their innovations regularly with premium quality also appreciate this.




It is mostly the soft sounds that create unforgettable moments  – the restrained simplicity and refined aesthetics that work and at the same time allow you to work. Reduction as a new form of simplicity. Consistently handle less, all along the line. Modern Art by allmilmö: Look forward to a new kind of beautiful. Exclusive high-end kitchen art reflecting harmony and perfection.




Moments that surprise. Moments that are amazing. Moments, in which the interplay of form and function creates a special symbiosis. With the design art of allmilmö you will set special accents, namely, those that bear your handwriting and highlight your individuality. We share the desire for combinations and diversity with you – the form of simple sophistication, contemporary style and love for kitchen design in perfection.




Home is where you feel the most comfortable, where you feel safe. Where a family has enough space and where friends can feel comfortable. Home is where pleasure is a welcome guest. The atmosphere? Relaxed. The character? Charming. Classic art by allmilmö: resembles an elegant country style and true craftsmanship for people like you and us who have an affinity for details. This is what comfort means today.