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The same idea, another way: this safe is completely able to integrate into an existing drawer. No handle, no contrasting colour, no keypad to disturb the harmony of the furniture front  ideal for refined interior architecture. The special door design allows ergonomic access from above: just enter the code and the hydraulic arm lets the lid gently swings open. Light falls in from above. All of the safe’s “inner riches” are clearly visible and in convenient reach.

Key Features

Special colours
Mounting bracket
Activating code
Integrated socket
LED light

Main Features

Can be Installed Into an Existing Drawer, Desk or Bedside Cabinet | Hydraulic Arm | Automatic Motor Locking Closing System | Emergency Access | LED Display



Laptop compatible Up to standard 15”
Keypad ADA compliant rubber keypad
Display LED 4-Digit guest code
Locking system Motorized with automatic opening
Emergency opening 6-digits Master Code. High security Master Key
Emergency opening with SAM REOS Code
Audit system Premium Audit (last 1000 events)