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Automatic motor locking system Providing a secure space for important or valuable objects doesn’t have to be cost-intensive. With a Standard Class proSafe, you can create a reliable spot within a hotel room that is worth every penny. Security and functionality are paramount in all models of Dometic safe. The Standard Class entry-level models offer your guests a high level of security thanks to their robust construction and notably improve convenience for guests with simple and intuitive operability.

Key Features

Left-handed hinge
Integrated socket
Fixing kit
Audit trail

Main Specifications

New glossy control panel | LED Display | Master key and master code emergency opening | Optionally with integrated socket



Capacity (litres) 31.5
Keypad Rubber keypad
Display LED 4-digit guest code
Locking mechanism Two 19 mm solid steel bolts
Emergency opening High-security master key and master code
Locking system Motorised with automatic opening