Jumbo Digits

Dear Customer,

Welcome to Jumbo Electronics, the single largest Electronic retail chain in Qatar with more than 15 branches and serving the country for more than 36 years. As the country’s largest retailer, we at Jumbo Electronics have consistently moved with times to remain relevant to your needs and to cope with your demands. We are a multi brand retailer with an array of international brands, across diverse product categories. We thank you for being a loyal customer of Jumbo Electronics. Welcome to a world of privileges.


What is Jumbo Digits?
Jumbo Digits is the Jumbo Group’s rewards programme. If you shop often at our outlets across Qatar, this programme adds value to your shopping experience by offering great rewards and benefits. By signing up for the programme, you get:

  • Free membership for life.
  • Digits and rewards across a wide range of participating outlets.
  • The chance to earn Digits even during sales and promotions.
  • Exclusive offers, including special invitations to in-store activities and salehe preview.

Sounds exciting! How do I sign up?
Via a printed application form available at all participating outlets

Is there a minimum spend amount or a joining fee to become a Jumbo Digits member?
No. Membership to Jumbo Digits is free for life. Just sign up at any of our participating outlets and you’re ready to enjoy the programme.

The application asked for personal information. What about my privacy?
Your privacy is important to us. We restrict access to non-public personal information about our members and maintain strict procedural safeguards to protect it.

Does Jumbo Digits offer a family/ corporate membership option?
At present, Jumbo Digits is for individual members only.

My membership information has changed. How do I update my profile?
You can update your Jumbo Digits Membership Profile by contacting any of our showrooms.

My membership card looks like a credit card. Can I use it like one?
No, your Jumbo Digits membership card is not a credit card. Present it along with your payment at the time of purchase at the participating outlets to earn points. If you purchase at any participating outlet with the new accrual and redemption process, you can use it to redeem your available Jumbo Digits. Please note that you need to have a complete updated profile and minimum of 200 available Jumbo Digits to become eligible for redemption.


How do I earn Jumbo Digits?
To start earning
Jumbo Digits, simply show your Jumbo Digits membership card each time you shop at any Jumbo Showroom.

On what products can I earn Jumbo Digits?
Jumbo Digits, you can earn points on all products.

How many Jumbo Digits do I earn for my purchases?
The number of
Jumbo Digits you earn depends on the amount and period of your purchase.

How long does it take for Digits to reflect in my account?
Digits which you earn on transacting will be credited to your account immediately.

Can I transfer Digits?
No, you cannot transfer your Digit

If I return a purchase, what happens to the Digit’s I earned on it?
If you return any item, a credit note will be issued to you and the Digits earned will not be reversed from your account. When you present a credit note for another purchase, you will not earn Digits against that new purchase.

How do I check my Jumbo Digits balance?
You can check your
Jumbo Digits balance by

  • Visiting any Jumbo Electronics outlet


How do I redeem my Jumbo Digits?
You can redeem your Digits by visiting any of our showrooms. Once you reach the cashier to make payment for your purchase, the cashier would be able to inform you the value of points which are available for redemption in your account. You can either choose to redeem your Jumbo Digits (in case purchase value is less than points available), make part payment for the purchase (redeem points plus pay remaining amount through other tender types) or to only earn Jumbo Digits on your purchase.

What do I need to redeem my Jumbo Digits?
You need to present your membership card and a valid photo id to redeem your Jumbo Digits. The name on the valid photo id and our POS system should match for you to redeem your Jumbo Digits. If the details do not match, unfortunately we will not be able to redeem your Jumbo Digits.