Actron – Car Park Management

Actron founded in 1982 is active in software development and solutions to automation industries, such as factory and building automation. In the field of Industrial automation, Actron acts as a distributor of system components, such as industrial control systems, operator interfaces and RFID systems, to the Scandinavian market. Actron has been developing and marketing worldwide through distributors the development program ActWin as the programming tool for Hitachi PLC.s.

As a result, with Actron’s involvement in the building automation field, the development of the PassCheck products began in 1995 with the knowledge gained from the manufacturing industries to have reliable systems.

MPC Universe and the database is compatible to previous generations of PassCheck. Therefore, older PassCheck installations can be upgraded to the stable environment and full functionality of MPC Universe.

In majority of the Malls, Airports, Outlet centers applications etc. People counting and Car Park Guidance go together. Therefore, it is a great advantage to use the same Servers, same software, integrated reports same service and support partners etc.


MPC Universe

The functionality of PassCheck4G and MaxiPark are probably the highest existing in the market. Both generate a quick return of investment.  During the long experience since 1995 Actron has developed algorithms, which gives very useful information such as Occupancy, Average visiting time, accumulated visiting time. This is reported with a high accuracy which is much more complicated than People flow (how many visitors did you have all together). This information is of at least the same importance as People flow, which normally is the only parameter reported by other suppliers